Recovering a pair of classy modern chairs

I started upholstering as a practical step so that I could get new chair out the door quicker. However I soon got drawn into the craft and started experimenting with different techniques and how they impact comfort and appearance.

I also discovered that there was much to be learnt when stripping  high quality chairs for re-upholstery. So I was delighted to be asked to re-upholster a pair of Brunschwig and Fils  arm chairs recently.


The chairs were only fifteen years old, but the covers had worn through due to over use (they are very comfortable and therefore favorites within the family). Stripping them confirmed that the under-structure and stuffing was indeed  in good condition – reflecting the high quality of materials and construction originally used. It is clear that individual coil springs are still the foundation of superior comfort despite the work they require and the many alternatives developed over the years. However unlike traditional upholstery they are combined with a sandwich of modern foams and wadding material to build up the seat.  The construction also reflected all the time-saving, streamlined processes of a production upholstery shop.

My clients were delighted when I returned them rejuvenated and still as comfortable. Meanwhile these chairs are no longer available from the original supplier, so I am tempted to attempt to create a version from scratch.

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