Creating a Heart-Shaped Chair

I can't truly say that my husband is a romantic man, but he is occasionally afflicted by romantic impulses. One of those took place on a cold, dark January day when he told me he fancied the idea of making me a heart-shaped chair for Valentine's Day. I'm not the greatest romantic myself, but nor… Continue reading Creating a Heart-Shaped Chair

Cambridge Open Studios 2017

I am looking forward to taking part in Cambridge Open Studios next month. This is a huge artistic festival with over 200 artists showing their work and opening their studios to the public. So if you are in the Cambridge area, please come and see the furniture and chairs I have been working on recently… Continue reading Cambridge Open Studios 2017

Recovering a pair of classy modern chairs

I started upholstering as a practical step so that I could get new chair out the door quicker. However I soon got drawn into the craft and started experimenting with different techniques and how they impact comfort and appearance. I also discovered that there was much to be learnt when stripping  high quality chairs for re-upholstery. So I… Continue reading Recovering a pair of classy modern chairs